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Our complete head to toe protective solutions, encompassing PPE, safety equipment, workwear and corporate clothing products, are sourced from a multiple of global leaders in safety and corporate workwear, gloves, eyewear, ear plugs, safety boots, security and military force protection & more. Ensuring the best possible quality, technical standards and the widest range of safety products for your workforce from leading international partners.

We supply our personal protective solutions through two main channels. In field technical representatives approach the market directly and supply a technical range of products and solutions while providing after sales support via our team of highly qualified and experienced manufacturers’ sales engineers and technicians. We also supply our solutions through onsite stores with consignment stock. Daily requirements are issued through a biometric scanner system that captures all transactions on a system that allows for detailed reports to be pulled on all usage. An onsite store with consignment stock has many advantages.  No risk for the client with regards to stock losses due to theft or natural disasters. The client has 24 hour access to stock. The client is only invoiced when stock is issued to its employees and not while in the store. After initial setup there are no stock lead time delays.

We at Fresh Protective Solutions will provide a unique tailored solution that guarantees the best possible cost effective protective solution for your workforce per project without compromising on quality and schedule restraints.

Fresh Protective Solutions was created when we identified that on the sites we manage across Africa, customers are forced into limited PPE solutions that are available locally and not always specifically what is required. We at Fresh drew on our teams combined long track record of success in Africa on remote mining sites and industrial sectors in replicating the same strategy of success to define our customers’ individual needs and understand the parameters unique to each project. This way our customers are offered products within a solution of services that meet their specific project requirements.

It therefore made sense to add Protective Solutions to our current Camp Services and Construction Divisions by replicating their varied solutions in a unique approach to uncompromising healthy, safe, comfortable and efficient work environments that complements and enlarges our industrial and mine services and solutions we already offer across an array of industries and regions in Africa. 

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